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Graduate Research Projects

Current Projects

  • The origin of slag-metal interface defects in electroslag remelting, NSF, Matthew Krane. Collaborators: Special Metals Corporation (Huntington, West Virginia), Haynes International (Kokomo, Indiana)
  • Segregation formation in electroslag remelting of superalloys, Precision Castparts Corporation, Matthew Krane
  • Natural convection flows in alloy solidification processes, Graduate Fellowship from Ministry of Science and Technology, Royal Thai Government, Matthew Krane
  • Control of transport phenomena to enable the production of TiAl single crystals, NSF, Matthew Krane and David Johnson
  • Horizontal direct chill casting, Matthew Krane. Collaborator: University of Montenegro.

Past Projects

  • Solidification defect modeling in vacuum arc remelting processes, Sandia National Labs (sub-contract on Federal Aviation Administration grant to the Specialty Metals Processing Consortium), Matthew Krane
  • The control of solidification defects in the electroslag remelting of Ni-based superalloys, Office of Naval Research, Young Investigator Program, Matthew Krane
  • Direct Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloys: Modeling and Experiment on Industrial scale ingots, Wagstaff, Matthew Krane.

Industrially Sponsored Senior Design Projects


  • Shorter Aging Treatment for Cast Nickel-Based Superalloys, Alcoa Howmet, Kevin Trumble. More Information
  • Segregation, Banding, and Inclusions in AISI 1050 Carbon Steel, Nucor, Matthew Krane. More Information
  • The Effect of Master Heat Chemistry on Cracking in Investment Cast GTD444 Alloy, PCC, David Johnson. More Information


  • The Effect of Master Heat Alloy Variations on Porosity Levels in Investment Cast Rene 125 Alloy, PCC, David Johnson. More Information
  • Effects of Low-Angle Boundaries on the Properties of CMSX-4 Single Crystal Superalloy, Alcoa, Kevin Trumble. More Information